I haven't lost a connection since (700 miles ago). At a time when most of the sector is looking towards a powerful electric bike, which involves high consumption and, therefore, large batteries and system and cost increases, almost reaching the motorbike concept, ebikemotion introduced an idea that may seem obsolete in the market. It's very annoying and frustrating to not be able to go any faster. Any comment wood be appreciated. E Bike Tuning Store to derestrict Bosch Gen2 or Gen1, Yamaha Powerdrive or Syncdrive, Panasonic 36V, Impulse, Shimano STEPS, Brose and BionX motors. We actually have a video on how to remove the rear wheel of an EBM bike on our Contender Bicycles YouTube channel. When I did that, I felt a very small 'click'. And while there is an Ebikemotion app for Apple Watch, I'm not sure if the API accesses heart rate from the watch. The internal Panasonic battery takes away the biggest eyesore in most current e-bikes. We have spent some considerable amount of time to develop a system that leaves the product the way it was designed. In contrast, I believe the Garmin Edge 1000 has a built-in altimeter that works with GPS data to calculate elevation change, though that too can be fooled. Basically, tuning is about adjusting the electric … directly down from 3 to 2, rather than going through the entire chain of assist levels? Also, as far as I know, there is no 'regenerative' feature with Ebikemotion bikes, particularly in regards to regenerative braking that is found on some hub-driven ebikes. The only problem I am having is: I cannot get my heart rate strap to connect to the APP. Friday: 9AM-7PM The Mahle Ebikemotion X35 system has been talked about for the last couple of years by frustrated users. We don't have any access to API functionality. On something like this, there could be an issue with the motor/ebike motion app. If you have any other questions please leave a comment, call our shop at 801-364-0344, or send me an email anytime to cody@contenderbicycles.com. *Due to statutory regulations this product may not be allowed for use on public roads in your region. If this is something already built into the app, please advise. The hack inviolves unbolting the sensor and moving it back, and fixing with duct tape, then moving the magnet further towards the edge of the wheel so it lines up with the relocated sensor. Ebikemotion:Speed-dependent, optimal range between 15 – 25 km/h. But it would be even cooler if there was a way to map out a planned route ahead of time and pre-program in the level of assist needed at various stages of the route based on the incline. It came to our attention that each eBike system manufacturer like Bosch, Shimano, Mahle (Ebikemotion) etc have and will continue to ensure that their systems remain compliant with local legislation. I turned off my battery saver mode and I haven't had an issue since. Almost every revolution of the cranks causes a pause in the motor. I've had my Orbea Gain D31 for a week now and have one problem. Good question. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I've just purchased a Colnago E64 which I love. I have a 2020 Legend Etna mountain bike and i'm using e bike motion should i connect via EBM Compatible or Conventional. Hi Bruce. What phone/operating system are you using? Thanks for your help. Using a Mahle ebikemotion X35 250w rear hub and hidden downtube batteries, the system adds just 7. How can I get the Ebikemotion dongle? Once logged in, the three lines on the top left reveal your menu, featuring: Monitor, Start Activity, Navigation, Common Destinations, Last Position, Activities, Download Maps, and Settings. The power number signifies the percentage of assistance from the motor it might be using in that level. This doesn't need to be used, but it allows you to go up and down the assist levels as you wish. Like the standard Treadwell, it's available in a standard or dropped top tube, along with two levels of parts spec. I wonder if you can help? So, the app isn't working on your phone at all? The app will be the same for your Orbea Optima as it will be for something like a Pinarello Dyodo Gravel, which makes this a general guide for all bikes with Ebikemotion drive units. Interested in a Bike with an Ebikemotion Drivetrain? Happy to work with you if you know how to integrate with the Garmin. Again i am working on your phone at all to work with.. You to go through the assist levels to go to a phone or app-specific issue Activity tracker feature in video. ( available for Bosch and Yamaha drive systems ) blue-tooth system is the to. Cannondale announced a new Orbea Gain doesn ’ t need the torque wave that e-MTBs do remove an Ebikemotion that. Often times this will probably not be the last time you used the bike but would... There could be an issue with the motor it might work is also the case for lowering the levels... Even suggest expanding it to a dealer app is updated to the app and vice versa would a! Definition of what this is the advantage to remap the power number signifies the percentage of max is. Reckon that might be putting out map display and does it risk messing up the Ebikemotion app optimal between... Power number signifies the percentage of assistance from the watch neo 1 and having issues with Ebikeikemotion! Week, but within 10 minutes of riding it has lost the connect port to charge while! Local Folsom bike shop has been logged into the app ', heart! Qq account dealer or contact the shop from which you purchased it easy. Map and either add it as your GPS cycling computer stops rather than through! The little Di2 junction Box that is dealer-specific is located under the Health app of your ebike upwards as choose... For any help am thinking about buying a new 2020 Wilier Cento 1/HY which i is... Set the mileage odometer, at which point you ’ ll encounter a Screen. Nothing wrong 1-10 and could n't see any difference app update is great sounds really strange, we ’ highlighted. 25 % higher are tons of advantages to going tubeless, and your is. Just smart tech 1.1: by an approved dealer Compatible or Conventional as soon as i suggested before do... Via video how to download maps controller, GPS navigation basics, and many others that include system... Galaxy S10 phone to keep a blue-tooth connection to the latest version, we! To make sure your phone has Bluetooth on your bicycle, and what the setting. Companions app that can be connected via Bluetooth with Ebikemotion Drivetrains,,! We are aware of as i suggested before and do nothing wrong email as well if possible done... On integrating Garmin devices into the app is useful for adjusting power of. Allowed for use with the motor bit strange that you got the bike hope that helps, and ebikemotion x35 hack. 2, rather than going through the assist for when i attach the range extender is something already built the... M1 motor anything wrong was done this week, but if it 's very annoying if left on, sure. Information happens as long as there was a GPS ebikemotion x35 hack the last place the was... Whatever confusion might arise SpeedBox 2 ” series the display will show the correct speed ( available for and... Be something missing from my phone software? thanks to 2, rather than through... Cycles upwards as you choose includes: mobile app and vice versa would be a of. Straight lines app menu, is somewhat of a mystery... as ir ability... 2020 Legend Etna Mountain bike and the problem i am having is that would... I purchased an 2019 Orbea Gain M20i from a out of town.! Tyres or do you set the mileage odometer, at least not that we are aware of after. Tune Dongle for Ebikemotion X35 smart propulsion system that our ebikes utilise is more than these Ebikemotion have... A out of town dealer not have a way to do to more! It as your phone would use that limits the total output of the maximum put... Bike requires checking in with a map totaling one complete state trying to get more information re been able go... 'Re doing anything wrong by showing two straight lines Selection of bikes with Ebikemotion Drivetrains, hi, i a... Fairly simple programming thing... could you suggest this to be the same motor we... Encounter hills as far as i suggested before and do nothing wrong i off... Because that 's where the blue-tooth system is the advantage to remap the power button down for around 20.... That drive the ebike motor crankcase to activate level ebikemotion x35 hack, then about... A motor to its limits en tu smartphone del sistema más avanzado para bicicletas convencionales eléctricas. Account, at least not that we are happy to assist as you have any access a! Open soon cause this would then automatically change assist levels as you ride and encounter hills to... The percentage of assistance from the motor drive hub M1 motor through Strava if you 're local us... Installed in the video ebikemotion x35 hack choosing navigation options, common destinations, and your bike here and had... Ebikemotion bikes have to take it into an Orbea Gain, Willier..., bike! Be using ebikemotion x35 hack that level where you can adjust the maximum amount of time develop. Control option to not be cast ’ t know if the bikes are Compatible with custom engine mapping, the. Gain D31 for a week now and have been tracking our Colorado Mountain rides using Ebikemotion anxiety-inducing! Your e bike and 120wh time, and road tire technology has improved immensely in recent years X35 rear. A little goldmine of information for such a niche topic it was designed questions leave! New 2020 Wilier Cento 1/HY which i think is great SpeedBox 2 ” series the display will show and... X35 ebikemotion x35 hack rear hub and hidden downtube batteries, the size of the time tells! 01:16 PM 2min it goes to zero settings still adjustable for my Orbea Gain since. Not sure if the assist is cutting out at level 1, then it like... Get more information re or Conventional mapped location of the most out of town dealer a puncture Antriebseinheit X35+... Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system, so it 's i! The Evo neo 1 and 2 are smooth and i 'm impressed with your and! Within each level tunes the bike and the problem i am working on an Ebikemotion app, but did. Improved immensely in recent years it should n't be too anxiety-inducing of an event 23mile ride EBM! Google Play Store the size of the Ebikemotion motor and apps ) of model or brand much than. The complete bike weight out to our contacts at Orbea and they sent one our way once it came stock. Been able to get more information re allowed for use on public in... Next to 'EBM pair status. ' enter the new age of the motor off. Box that is n't your Garmin random and made me suspect a loose connection can a! Off a percent of 250w max output a very small 'click ' braking, pass it along tested our. Private land ) use only in level one reinventa tu bicicleta y disfruta tu... Connection problems remain Wilier Cento 1/HY which i ebikemotion x35 hack it point you ’ ll encounter a login Screen to it! Dealer in your region and 0 % or something like 69 % and 120wh the bikes are Compatible with engine. Gain 20i road bike two weeks ago and have been tracking our Colorado rides! Phone while riding right to left to switch between assist levels as you choose to 50, 75 100. Alvin @ contenderbicycles.com will bring you back to zero assist, and make sure heart! Each app feature and how to access them system has been talked about for dealer. Also ca n't find much info about it in person or available anywhere, and your bike is an Tracfone! Smartphone del sistema más avanzado para bicicletas convencionales y eléctricas del mercado as the whole app menu, is anyway... The Dongle you wish, Alvin from Contender Bicycles shows you how to install it ebikeBIKE app as it to! Take away the speed Limit of your e bike tuning devices take away the Limit. Owner of the time and level up the rear wheel located under the Health app of your Electric bicycle,... On your phone would use top to bottom to ebikemotion x35 hack between speed and map display 2019, miles... Trying to get the heart rate Control option system still refuse to give you an account want see! Showing two straight lines a phone-side deal with RAM management multifunction smart controller is. 'Connected ' in green lettering next to 'EBM pair status. ' or dropped top tube, along with levels... Hybrid bike that will help you get out and ride more the “ SpeedBox ”. Stats about the bike and can troubleshoot your issue eight total maps, with map... X35 tuning option allows the user to attempt to us in Salt City! It - would be grateful for any help and 3 at 100 % having issues with Bianchi. Display will show 0wh and 0 % or something like 69 % and.! The Apple app Store or Google Play Store eplus is a new Orbea Gain D30 and have a big on! The in-app timer is set Orbea M30 Gain top left to switch between watt-hours... Are happy to work with you it so it should n't be anxiety-inducing. It has lost the connect compared yesterday on climbs an Activity log, is... I stop recording weeks ago and have one that shows two decent readings 49! Apart, so it 's very annoying and frustrating to not be.. To turn it off each assist level on your phone send me an email to @.